Capline Logistics
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Capline Logistics OÜ operates in the market of forwarding services since 2004.

From 1998 up to 2004 all of our employees have received their operational experience in a transport company on the basis of which Capline Logistics OÜ has been established.

During our action period we have strengthened our position in the market and have considerably expanded our field of activity. We began operating just with motor transport and now we are shipping cargoes by railway-, sea- and an air transport.

We closely cooperate with a number of partner-companies and this allows Capline Logistics OÜ to expand a package of proposals and to render any services which can be needed for the realization of logistical projects of our clients.

Through close cooperation with numerous firms in St. Petersburg and Moscow we have received a wide experience of shipping cargoes to Russia, therefore a wide range of big exporters and importers of cargoes use our services.

Our Russian clients are attracted by the inexpensive, qualitative and fast service that we offer.